Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scruble Cube (TOS Review)

Do you like Rubik's Cube? Do you like Scrabble or other word games? Then you may want to take a look at this fun new game/toy.
The object of Scruble Cube is to form words and to earn points for these words Scrabble-style. The words can wrap around to 2 or even 3 sides of the cube. A second word may even be formed cross-word style in a turn.
At first, I was overwhelmed by the Scruble Cube! It looked really hard!  But it turned out to be easier than I thought. All you really have to do is to form a three-letter word. Once you’ve done that a few times and learned how to manipulate the letters around the cube, it’s easy to move on to 4, 5, or 6 letter words and even crossword formations. Just as in Scrabble, the object is to spell words with high point scores. Wild spaces and 2x and 3x word or letter tiles add to the fun. It can be played individually or by taking turns using the timer and keeping score.
We think the Scruble Cube is fun. I’ve left it sitting out on the coffee table where anyone can pick it up to play for a few minutes. We’ve played the game with several people as well. It’s fun to compete for the best score, but there is a lot of waiting time since only one person can play at a time.
Scruble Cube has even provided several educational lesson plans that incorporate the Cube into other content areas from math to chemistry to language arts.
The turning mechanism seemed a bit stiff and sticking at first and I was concerned about the Cube’s durability, but we have had no problems so far. It seems to be turning more freely after some use.
The Scruble Cube game set includes a 7cm cube with 96 individually rotating letters, a sand timer, scorepad and instructions and retails for $24.95. 1 to 4 players can play. It’s probably most appropriate for ages 8 and up.
I received a free Scruble Cube for review purposes as part of the TOS Crew. All opinions are my own. For more reviews of the Scruble Cube, please visit The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew Blog.


  1. We think this is fun, too. I like combining learning and playing.

  2. Hi Debbie, I like your suggestion for starting small and working up to bigger words. I know I started relying on the bonus sections too much. April


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