Thursday, October 6, 2011

Looking for a Really Complete Bible Study Curriculum?

imageSeveral weeks ago, Emily began working through a new Bible study program—The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: A Survey of the Bible, by Starr Meade.  This 5-volume set (4 workbooks and an answer key) covers key passages through the entire Bible. Each section includes Scripture passages to look up and read and comprehension questions about the passage.

There are two ways to use this course:

  • Read through the entire Bible, answering questions as they correspond to each passage highlighted in the workbook.
  • Read only the highlighted passages and answer the assigned questions, which will result in an overview of the entire Bible.

We are using the second method. Since Emily’s in 6th grade, I think reading the entire Bible might be a bit much, but I believe her having a complete, sequential overview of the Bible will be very beneficial.

I love this series. I really like the organized format, which will result in solid Bible knowledge. The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study: A Survey of the Bible has held Emily’s interest, sparked some good conversations, and is already solidifying and putting into context many of the Bible stories she has previously learned.

The only thing I would change is the title—which I think is quite a mouthful and not easy to remember!

This course is designed for middle schoolers and early high schoolers. I think many children could handle it by the fourth or fifth grade.

This 5 book set is currently on sale at for $34.49, which seems like a great deal to me!

Thank you to the Crossway Book Review Program for providing me with a free set of  books to review.

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