Monday, September 12, 2011

Deeper Roots Bible Study (TOS Review)

Emily and I have been reviewing Discovering Our Amazing God, published by Deeper Roots Publications. This particular study is designed for 7th-9th grade students. Several other volumes are also available for 8th grade and up.
The lessons in this Bible curriculum were designed to move students beyond mere fact-learning to the application of Bible to life. The student book includes:
  • comprehension and application questions
  • journaling
  • writing assignments
  • Bible memory
  • mapping
  • video suggestions
  • mapping
  • reviews and tests
  • drama
The teacher’s guide includes the full student text plus lesson plans for each day in the margins. It also contains tests and answer keys. As you can see from the list, the curriculum crosses over into other subject areas.
We have been using Discovering Our Amazing God for several weeks and I really like it! Emily and I spend 5 to 15 minutes discussing the day’s lesson and reading the scripture, then she has a “On Your Own” assignment to do, which may include answering questions, journaling, writing a fictional story to illustrate a proverb, or designing a drama. I like the varied activities. They keep the lessons interesting and help Emily to apply what she is learning. It works well for us to do lessons three times a week.
In Lesson 1, we have had some good discussions about Esther and the wisdom of God. I think this curriculum will be very useful in developing Emily’s knowledge of the Bible and of God’s character. Although the curriculum is designed for 7th grade and up, Emily is doing fine with it as a 6th grader.
Discovering Our Amazing God sells for $19.95 (perfect bound student book) and $28.95 (spiral bound teacher book) and covers a full school year of study. Visit the TOS Blog to read more reviews of Deeper Roots Bible Study.
As a TOS Crew member,  I received Discovering Our Amazing God from Deeper Roots publication free in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. The on your own part sounds like a nice application. Esther is one of my favorite ladies from the Bible.


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