Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Socks, Suds, and Savings


“Piles of laundry mean that our families have changes of clothes to wear, clean bedding for comfort, and towels for hygiene. That makes us among the richest people in the world!” I like this quote! It’s a great point to remember when I feel overwhelmed with household chores! And it is an excellent introduction to this month’s Molly’s Money Saving Digest.

The Molly’s Digest theme for October is “socks, suds, and savings.”  Molly provides lots of tips for making the laundry chore easier, more efficient, and less expensive. From making your own detergent, to buying a new washer and dryer to hanging clothes to dry to save energy, there is sure to be a tip for everyone. The kid’s feature is a laundry tutorial just for them. I plan to have Emily read this and I think she’ll be excited to learn how to take over some of the laundry duties (at least for a little while!)

The recipes seem extra-yummy this month. “In the Kitchen With Molly” features “Cook once, serve twice” recipes—creating meals, then using the leftovers to create an entirely different dish for later in the week. We tried the delicious Apple Cobbler recipe tonight and I look forward to trying out the Grilled Chicken, Chicken Alfredo Pasta and the Chicken Tortilla Soup recipes as well.

As always, Molly’s Digest includes frugal craft and decorating ideas, personal stories, and organizing forms. It can be purchased at the Old Schoolhouse Story for $4.95. A Molly’s membership is only $3.95 a month and includes additional free resources.

I received a free copy of Molly’s Digest in order to write this review. All opinions are my own.

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