Monday, July 5, 2010

Disney Fireworks


This week’s Destination Disney topic is “Disney Fireworks.”  If you have never seen fireworks at Disney World, you have missed some amazing shows. Local firework displays pale in comparison. This is a picture I took at Epcot a few years ago. I don’t have a fancy camera, but I thought it came out nicely.

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  1. Beautiful picture of the fireworks at EPCOT. I love Disney fireworks! I think my favorite are the ones at Magic Kingdom. I love it when Tink flies!

  2. Oh my gosh, Debbie - that is an amazing picture! Love it! We didn't get to see Illuminations this year (Ian had an accident and we had to hightail it out of the park!) Thanks for sharing this great picture!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your fireworks picture. The Epcot fireworks are so spectacular. It's great standing in a crowd and hearing the gasps as the whole earth lights up to tell the story.


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