Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some of my favorite sites....

Currclick is a great source of homeschooling resources, lapbooks, and affordable curriculum, all in e-book form. Some of the larger and better known publishers, such as Scholastic, Geography Matters, Even-Moor, and Amanda Bennett's products are sold here. In addition, there are dozens of smaller publishers, many of whom are homeschool moms themselves, that have written unit studies, lapbooks, and literature units, often at amazingly low prices! My Super Star Speech books are sold here as well. There is an entire section of FREE materials, and if you sign up for the weekly mailing list, you will be notified of sales and a new free product every week! I have found some real jewels here. PaperBackSwap.com - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.Paperback Swap: According to the website, I have saved $513 here! I'm not sure how they count that, but it sounds impressive! PBS is a book trading site. Members list books that they are willing to swap. When a book is requested, the member sends it out, paying only the postage. The member then receives a credit that can be used to request any available book free of charge. I have cleared a lot of books off my shelves and am happy to see them go to good homes. Whenever I want any book--homeschooling or otherwise--I put it on my wish list at PBS. Some books are available immediately and, if I'm patient enough, most eventually work their way to the top of the wait list and become available. And for a bonus--list your first 10 books and receive an immediate credit! Econobusters I just discovered this site a month or so ago. Like many people these days, our family is under some financial strain, so I love to find help for saving money. Molly Green's Econobusters blog is full of great tips and information, from garage sale-ing to grocery shopping to innovative uses of things found around my home. Some of my favorites blog entries are the "freebies." Free fast food, free samples from companies--What fun! I try to check the blog every day or two so I won't miss out on a great timely deal!

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