Friday, June 19, 2009

FREE MAP SAMPLER! Knowledge Quest Blackline Maps

I'd like to share a resource that I've been using for several years now, Blackline Maps of World History, by Terri Johnson. It is published by Knowledge Quest and sells for $45 for the 240 page hardcover book with cd-rom. This is the version that I have. I love being able to grab the cd and print out a map to correspond to whatever we're studying in history. This collection of more than 200 maps covers nearly anything you could possibly want--from Barbarian Europe to Viking Expansion to Native American Tribal Groups to the French Revolution and so on! Every map is shown in a lableled and an unlabeled version and is accompanied by lesson plans that include map labeling suggestions. These are beautiful maps that would be a great addition to a history notebook or supplement to any history collection. If the book is purchased in instant download form, Knowledge Quest includes a second book, Blackline Maps of American History with an additional 81 maps for FREE! Being the curriculum junkie that I am (!), I have several outline map books and these two are by far my favorites. The maps are very nice, they include lesson plans, and the scope is greater than anything else I have found. You can read more details here. Free Map Sampler Here is a sampling of 8 Knowledge Quest maps to print and use to judge for yourself the quality of the product: Free Blackline World History Maps

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