Friday, May 13, 2016

Free Science Resources Across the Web


free science resources

I’ve come across some amazing free science resources over the past few years. Some are online sites and others are actual science kits and materials that you can have sent to you.

  • Science Teaching Experiments/Edison Awards Program has directions for dozens of practical and unique experiments, like testing the effects of weatherstripping, building a solar water heater, and a sun-powered hot dog cooker.
  • Physics Central is an awesome site dedicated to teaching students about physics. Once a year, they send out kits to teachers (including homeschoolers) that include a comic book with a mystery to be solved and all the equipment needed to do several physics-related experiments to solve the mystery. We’ve done this several years with a group of homeschoolers and really enjoyed the projects.
  • The Happy Scientist has some fun science videos for free, and a larger selection with membership.
  • Exploratorium is sponsored by the San Francisco science museum of the same name. You can find hundreds of experiments and learning opportunities here.
  • Do you have a student interested in forensics? The ACS ChemClub has links to lots of hands-on projects to explore the topic.
  • ACS also includes learning topics and experiments for all ages of students to help them learn about chemistry.
  • Make your own soda with these instructions.
  • Go on electronic field trips at APT IQ Learning Network.
  • Find free downloads and videos at Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop.
  • If you own the Burgess Bird Book for Children, this companion site includes links and activities for each chapter.
  • Handbook of Nature Study is packed with inspiration  and ideas for doing nature study with your children. Many ideas are linked to the book, Handbook of Nature Study, by Anna Botsford Comstock. This could be your science curriculum for a full year!

What are your favorite science resources?

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