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FishFlix.com and Agenda 2 (Schoolhouse Review)

FishFlix.com Review
FishFlix.com offers a large selection of Christian and inspirational movies and documentaries. Most of their selection is discounted from list prices (with an additional 10% off for signing up for their newsletter), making it a very reasonable place to purchase videos. While browsing the site, I discovered an assortment of recent movies (War Room and Woodlawn), TV series (When Calls the Heart), nature documentaries, Bible-based cartoons for kids, and much more. I was sent the documentary, Agenda 2, to review.
Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit addresses a myriad of issues that concern conservatives: Common Core Standards, socialized medicine, FishFlix.com Reviewthe failing economy, terrorism, and the increasing intolerance of Christian. While examining these issues, it links them all to one “agenda” or common cause.
I found the beginning of the movie a bit disjointed and hard to follow. It began by discussing the success of Agenda (a previous documentary) and the award and public reaction to it. Then it jumped into discussing various issues in society. It actually took me about 15 minutes to start following the movie. After that, though, I learned a lot of interesting information!
Agenda 2 asserts that not only is Communism not dead, but in practice is much the same as Fascism, Nazism, and Islam. Although these ideologies may vary, the central goal of each is government control of its citizens, a dependency on the state, and the ultimate goal of a one world government (and one world religion). Furthermore, the United States is moving toward this mindset, which much of the world is pushing on us, and most US citizens are oblivious to the threat. In the past, the US acknowledged the threat of communism, but we seem to be oblivious to the threat of Islam (other than seemingly isolated terrorist groups). One of the people interviewed on this video, a man who grew up in Iran as a Muslim (but is now an American Christian) states that “Islam is 15% religion and 85% government.” But we naively view Islam as merely a choice of religion, which of course we must tolerate and accept, but minimize Islam’s close connection to oppressive government.
What led to these assertions? (Note: I have fact-checked most of these points made in Agenda 2.)
  • We are all aware of Nazi and Communist agendas to mold the minds of the children—Once you have the children, you have control of the next generation. In the US, we are moving toward a national curriculum that is heavily influenced by a world core curriculum (Common Core, preceded by No Child Left Behind, and Goals 2000). Schools focus heavily on teaching tolerance and acceptance of other religions and cultures, while they neglect to give students a solid grounding in Western Civilization, the basis of our own ideals and government.
  • Terrorism was heavily used in Russia in the 1970’s. It was exported to the Middle East when Russia sent KGB agents to train Muslim groups in this practice. Al Qaeda and the KGB are connected.
  • The National Council of Churches was actually started by 2 members of the Communist Party. The Methodist Federation for Social Action was formed in the 1950’s with the goal of transforming the Methodist church into “an instrument for the achievement of socialism.” 
  • For generations, Communists have infiltrated colleges, schools, teacher training programs, and seminaries with the express goal of weakening democracy.
  • The cause of environmentalism is intended to “harmonize” the US with the rest of the world. Did you know that Gorbachev  has the job of writing environmental rules for the UN? That the word, “ecology” was coined by a disciple of Karl Marx? That the date for Earth Day was chosen to coincide with Lenin’s birthday?
  • “Agenda 21,″  according to the UN’s own website, is a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, governments and major groups, in every area in which human impacts on the environment.”  Under Agenda 21, the UN would have control of land in all member countries to determine where people live and what they do, all under the guise of “sustainable development.”  This would be paid for, of course, by member countries. The UN (aka: future world government) would have control of the world.
Those who ascribe to “the agenda” hate the US. They hate the ideals of limited government and individual freedom. They will not be satisfied until they destroy it. Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit ends with some suggestions of what we can do to slow down this world government agenda, beginning with prayer. Frankly, I found this video, or rather the premises quite frightening and depressing, but I was glad that it ended with a message of hope. 
In the days since I watched this, I’ve been mulling over the information, and relating it to the upcoming elections. I think this is a message that everyone with an open mind should hear.
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FishFlix.com Review
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