Monday, December 7, 2015

Free Educational DVD’s!

I’ve been a member at Izzit for several years. What’s Izzit? It’s a site for classroom teachers and homeschoolers that provides a FREE DVD every year to members. Membership is free, although with a paid membership ($10), you can receive a DVD every month! All you have to do is to leave feedback about the previous video before you request a new one.

Many of the titles are on history and economics topics, although topics of science, technology, and arts are also included. Many of these videos are on topics that you won’t find anywhere else and emphasize ingenuity and entrepreneurship.

This month Izzit is celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas by giving away a free video every day for twelve days! Just click over to to request it! Today’s video is Freedom’s Sound, which tells the story of a piano factory in Estonia that reinvented itself after communism fell to become a world-class piano manufacturer.

There are couple of new features at Izzit—streaming video (all videos are free to stream) and a Roku channel! I’m really excited about having the whole library available to us!

*I have no relationship with I’m just sharing a great resource!

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