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With Lee in Virginia (Schoolhouse Review)

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review

Last January, we listened to and thoroughly enjoyed Heirloom Audio Productions’ radio drama adaptation of G.A. Henty’s  In Freedom’s Cause.  After enjoying this high quality (and educational) production, we were excited to have the opportunity to also review Heirloom Audio Productions’ latest audio drama, With Lee in Virginia, also based on a G.A. Henty historical novel.

With Lee in Virginia tells the story of several Virginians who are swept into the drama, danger, and destruction of the Civil War. The recording captures the enthusiasm of the young men as they witness the secession of southern states and enlist in the Confederate army, believing that the war will be a grand adventure. They are quickly brought to more realistic thinking as they watch friends die in battle, are captured by the enemy,  and escape. They find their values challenged as they learn to be loyal and brave in difficult circumstances. The listener hears accounts of many of the major battles of the Civil War and becomes “acquainted” with historical figures such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. It would be a great introduction to or supplement to a study of the Civil War.

The story is, of course, a great history lesson, but also inspires the listener to believe in causes greater than himself, to be loyal to friends, and be open to changing long held opinions when challenged by scripture.

We put the CD’s in the car and listened to the story as we ran our errands around town. I have to admit—there were a few times when we sat in the garage for a few minutes after returning home because we weren’t ready to turn it off! The production is top quality and the story is easy to follow, even for someone (like me) who would prefer to read a book rather than watch a movie or listing to a recording. (I did think that many of the southern accents sounded fake, though—a frequent pet peeve of mine when watching movies set in the South and filmed by Hollywood actors.)  My daughter was very impressed that Kirk Cameron was one of the actors (playing the part of Stonewall Jackson.) His son also played a part in the radio drama.

Every copy of With Lee in Virginia includes a 48 page study guide. This engaging guide includes comprehension questions, definitions, Civil War era photographs, and maps. There is also a Bible study and some background information on sectionalism and slavery. We didn’t extensively use the study guide since this is summer and I wanted the story to be more fun than work, but Emily did look through the pictures, maps and background information. I think this did enrich her understanding of the story. The guide is very colorful and engaging.














There are several purchase options for With Lee in Virginia:

  • The Family 4-Pack—4 copies of the CD (great for gifts), study guide, free e-book of G.A. Henty’s original book of the same name, and other bonuses ($99.97)
  • 2 CD set, study guide, and bonuses ($29.97)
  • MP3 Download and study guide ($20)


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With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.

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