Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Have you ever looked at some of the individual seller prices on Amazon and thought, “What in the world?!”  $80, $100, $200 for a $10 item! Do these items actually sell? Do buyers possible purchase without looking at the price?

I’ve been selling my Super Star Speech books through Amazon for years. This month, they’ve had some sort of glitch and the books have been out of stock for 2 weeks; nor has Amazon sent a purchase order to me for more books. (I did just contact them and they ordered 2 books, despite my pointing out that over 60 copies usually sell per month.) I have no idea what’s going on.


Suddenly the price of the few copies sold by individual sellers has skyrocketed. If you wish to buy a copy of Super Star Speech (list price $39), you now must pay from $215 to $999!  I think my book is pretty good and I’m proud of it, but please don’t expect to receive $999 of value from it!

I just listed Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple--Expanded Edition myself for $39 on Amazon, and sell them on the Super Star Speech website for only $28, if you prefer a reasonably priced version.  To the seller of the $999 copy: Sorry!

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