Saturday, March 28, 2015

Teach Them Diligently Conference


Last weekend, Emily and I went to our first Teach Them Diligently conference. I’ve been to homeschool conventions before and always enjoy hearing about new homeschooling products and techniques and browsing the vendor displays. I seldom buy a lot—I’m one who likes to think about and research a product thoroughly before I buy, but I always come home with a few goodies.

One of the things that attracted me to this particular conference was the fact that there were children’s and teen programs. I’ve never taken children to a homeschool convention because they would have been quickly bored, both by the speakers and by the shopping. However, knowing that Emily would have something fun to do this time, I brought her along.2015-03-19 17.42.16

The conference was held at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, which was absolutely amazing. Because we stayed onsite, we were able to come and go from our room all day long and bring meals and snacks to keep in the room. The hotel was beautiful and I spent a lot of time simply walking around enjoying the greenery.

2015-03-20 12.35.002015-03-20 12.35.19

The view from our room!












Emily had a good time at the 4-12 Youth Program. I think it was more sitting and listening than we had anticipated, but she made lots of friends and begged to stay until the end instead of leaving earlier in the afternoon as I had planned.

The speakers were good—more inspirational and relationship-oriented talks than nuts and bolts teaching talks, though. Since there were 199 sessions and I was able to catch about 10, I ordered the recordings for the rest. That will keep me busy for quite a long time.

Emily is already asking to return next year, so we may do just that!

2015-03-21 12.37.50

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