Wednesday, May 7, 2014

B is for Bear



This year, the yearbook committee for our cover school had a fun idea. At our back-to-school picnic in August, they passed out small stuffed bears to everyone with the instruction to include the bear in our school days, field trips, and activities. Photos of the bear enjoying school with each family were to be sent in for inclusion in the yearbook.

I will admit that we have been total failures at this project. Bear has never come on a field trip with us; he didn’t come on our vacation to Florida in February. He spent the school year quietly observing from our kitchen hutch. I am hoping that other families were more diligent so that the yearbook will be successful.

However, I still think it’s a great idea, even for an individual family as a fun way to chronicle a year. Maybe you’d like to try a variation on the idea. Or maybe we’ll try again next year even if it’s not an official “school assignment.”

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