Thursday, March 20, 2014

TV Station Tour

Last week, our homeschool group enjoyed a tour of a local TV station. We arrived in time to watch the 12:00 noon news. During the breaks, our guide, who also happened to be one of the meteorologists, explained everything to us—the sets, the scripts, what happens when there is breaking news, and so on. After the show, the kids all had a turn sitting at the anchor desk and trying to give a weather report in front of the green screen. Okay, I admit, I took a turn with the green screen too! It was actually harder than it looked to point to the correct spot while watching the monitor.

photo 2

After seeing the studio, we walked through the newsroom and other offices, then paid a visit to the control room, where we got a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action.

It was a fun trip, and it has been fun afterward to recognize the sets and the weather person that we now “know” on the daily news broadcasts! If you are looking for field trip ideas, ask if your local TV station gives tours!

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  1. We've toured our local TV station as well - one of the best field trips ever!


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