Saturday, October 19, 2013

Zoo and Aquarium Guides—Great for Animal Lovers!

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I wanted to share these two amazing resources that I have found. We own the Complete Aquarium Adventure. It’s a hardback, spiral-bound guide that is packed with colorful photographs and information about ocean life. Tabs divide the subject matter into birds, invertebrates, fish, mammals, and so on. There is also a devotional guide that would be perfect to use with a sea-life study. A pocket in the back of the book hold cards with more animal facts that can be just enjoyed, or can be taken to an aquarium as reference or even to use as a “find the animal” hunt.  There are also cards for the different ocean zones. My daughter has spent hours poring over the pages of this book.

Both books are designed to be used alone, or as an aid in planning field trips to zoos and aquariums.

I’m about to buy the Complete Zoo Adventure because my daughter loves the Aquarium book so much. They are high quality books that are a bargain even at the new prices of $15-$17, but Amazon also has used books for sale for much less!

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The Complete Zoo Adventure ($15.29; used starting at $1.70)

The Complete Aquarium Adventure ($17.09, used starting at $5.59)

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