Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Language Lessons: Free for Kindle This Week!

language therapy at home

My book, Language Lessons: From Listening Skills to Conversation is free for Kindle this week (Tuesday through Saturday.)  If you’d like to work on listening skills, memory, vocabulary, etc. with your child, please download a copy! (It can even be read on the computer through “Kindle for PC.”

Here’s the book description from Super Star Speech:

Language Lessons will not enable you to do actual "language therapy" with your child, as that is something that only a qualified speech language pathologist can provide. However, it includes over 140 pages of ideas and activities to use with your child that will help to improve his or her listening skills, memory, vocabulary, grammatical skills, and conversation.
Language Lessons includes:
·Exercises and activities to stimulate and improve language skills in children with normal or delayed language abilities.
·Additional practice exercises for children who are already in language therapy.
·Activities that are categorized by type, making them easy to use with children who have diagnosed or suspected delays in specific areas, such as auditory memory or vocabulary.
·Fun activities to do with your child. These shouldn't be considered "work," but will hopefully provide enjoyable, yet useful, activities for parents and children to do together.

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