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Grace and Truth Books (Schoolhouse Review)

The Little Medicine Carrier

The Reward of Childhood Truth










 The Little Medicine Carrier  ($4.75) and The Reward of Childhood Truth ($4.75)  are two of the eleven books in  Grace and Truth Books’ Character Building Collection. These sweet stories were written in the nineteenth century and have been reprinted for a new generation.

This is what Emily had to say about the books:

I like The Reward Of Childhood Truth and The Little Medicine Carrier because they teach lessons in a fun way! The books taught me lessons on temptation and honesty. I think that kids who read these books will be motivated to resist temptation and lying if they try very hard.  They put the lessons to be learned in a book about lying and temptation in a way that kids will be reading about the consequences of what happens when they disobey or give in to Satan.

The Little Medicine Carrier shows not to be tempted into things that are not right or to waste time doing something else. This book is about a young boy who seeks a job from the doctor. The boy goes through many obstacles of temptation but always ends up resisting. The Little Medicine Carrier is my favorite book because its a little bit more interesting than the other book. I like this book better because more happened in it! This book was just more exciting and fun to read than the other book!!

The Reward Of Childhood Truth shows not to lie. For if you lie there will be consequences, but if you choose to tell the truth then you will be rewarded!

I liked these books because they teach me about lying and temptation. And they were well written. The books inspired me because I learned more about God and how I should behave.


The suggested age level for the books in this series is 8-12, although I think that younger children would also enjoy them as well.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Crew, I received these books free in exchange for my honest review

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