Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Truths for Little Kids

Big Truths For Little Kids   -     
        By: Susan Hunt, Richard Hunt
I recently received the book, Big Truths for Little Kids from the Crossway Homeschool Book Review Program, but it actually is not a new book to me at all. I read through this devotional book with Emily several years ago and liked it so much that I bought two more by these authors: Discovering Jesus Through Genesis and Discovering Jesus Through Exodus.
The purpose of this book is to teach children that they are created for God’s glory, to help them apply this truth, and to teach children their need for God’s grace. This is done through the continuing story of two children, Cassie and Caleb, and their daily life and interactions with others. Each of the 36 chapters begins with simplified questions and answers from the “First Catechism.” Although it is recommended that the children memorize the answers, we just reviewed them without requiring memorization. A story follows, that reinforces the questions of the day. Finally, discussion questions and a prayer help the children to apply the truths to their lives.
Emily says, “This book makes it so much fun to study God’s word!! I think that a lot of little kids would love this book and would be influenced by it!
I would suggest this book for ages 4-10. The story is simple enough to be enjoyed by young children, but the theology is deep enough to engage and benefit much older children. The lessons taught are consistent with reformed theology.
I received this book free from the Crossway Homeschool Book Review Program in order to write this review. All opinions are my own.

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