Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I is for i-Pod


Emily has been saving for months to earn enough money to buy herself an i-Pod Touch. I’m proud of how hard she has worked doing yard work for relatives and neighbors to earn the money.

I’m hoping that this will serve as an educational tool as well as a toy and mp3 player. The first game she downloaded was “Draw Something.” Emily has watched Allison play it on her phone and wanted to join in the fun. She also (on her own) found some math apps. that she likes and we found a free bird guide and a parakeet app.  I’d love some suggestions for great (inexpensive) educational apps! What are your favorites?

I’m really hoping to get an iPad for myself one of these days. I keep thinking how great it would be for reading all the pdf’s I get to review through the TOS Crew.

I am linking to Blogging Through the Alphabet at Ben and Me.


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