Monday, February 13, 2012

Currclick 50% off Sale

Repost…with correct links this time!

There’s a great sale going on right now at Currclick—my very favorite place to find downloadable curriculum. All sale items are 50% off and there are 10 free items—some really good stuff—I found several good science studies that we’ll be using soon!  One of the freebies is my Roaming Through Ancient Rome Game. Be sure to pick it up! And… all of my other Super Star Speech books and games are  50% off. Here’s the scoop:

Right here, a secret page of our website, our Winter Whisper Sale and Giveaway is going on. TEN freebies are being given away, and TWENTY of our bestselling publishers have discounted all their resources by 50%, and NOBODY knows about it but you.

It's hard to keep a secret though, right? Don't worry, we won't make you. You can tell your Facebook and Twitter followers, your co-op, your neighbor, your newsgroups, even your strange Great Uncle. The only thing we ask you NOT to do is post the details on our Facebook page.

And what are the details?

  1. Go the the Secret Sale link to see the sale items. 
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Because this is a secret sale, sale items must be added to your cart from the sale page. If you add an item from another product listing, and not the sale page, you will not get the sale price. However, we'll note your Whisper savings in your cart, so you can be sure.
  3. CurrClick's Winter Whisper Sale ends February 16th.

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