Friday, January 13, 2012

Learn Our History (TOS Review)

Learn Our History: Time Cycle Academy is a new DVD series that teaches American history to elementary aged children. The series follows the adventures of the TimeCycle Academy, an adventurous group of students who build a time machine out of a bicycle and use it to travel back in time to experience history in the making.
The Learn Our History: TimeCycle Academy series uses the incredible lessons of history to present important themes to your child, such as:
  • The need to stand up to bullies
  • The importance of self-respect and respect for others  -including their elders
  • Belief in democratic values such as freedom and equality
  • Faith in God as a key principle in America’s development and greatness
Supplementary materials are available for those who purchase the DVD’s, but I wasn’t able to view those materials.
We watched the “The Birth of a Revolution” and “9/11 and the War on Terror” episodes. Other episodes include topics such as Lewis and Clark, Columbus, World War 2, the Revolution, President Reagan, and the presidential election process.
My thoughts:
I really like the concept. Good information is presented in an engaging format. I especially like that topics are covered that are hard to find other resources for—9/11, Reagan, The Cold War, and World War 1. Emily enjoyed the videos and will want to watch them again.
But…I thought that the animation seemed to be rather low quality. And one of the characters frequently used insulting and rude language and attitudes, such as calling other characters “losers,” “chumps,” and “babies,” complaining about school and learning, etc. I do not think this demonstrates “self-respect and respect for others.” I would be hesitant to continue playing the shows because I don’t want my daughter mimicking this language or attitude.
Learn Our History is a subscription/membership program. The first Learn Our History DVD, “Columbus And The Great Discovery ” is $9.95 and comes with a second episode free. Additional DVDs are $11.95 plus shipping. Any DVD’s purchased from Learn Our History are also viewable online.
I give Learn Our History 3/5 stars.
I received a free DVD and online viewing access for 2 episodes in order to write this review. All opinions are my own.


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  2. I completely agree about the characters. They and the animation totally turned me off... :(


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