Friday, November 13, 2009

Ghostline, by Carolina Pad



I recently received a sampling of Ghostline products to try out. I was not previously acquainted with this clever product. The poster board, display boards, etc. are marked with a very faint grid that is visible close up, but not at a distance.  (I tried to take a close up photo of the grid lines, but they were too faint to show up.) This helps students or teachers keep their writing and pictures perfectly straight. I have seen (and even produced) plenty of posters on which the writing slopes downward or the size is not consistent.

Emily made a poster using poster board from the Ghostline “Make a Poster Kit,” which includes stencils and 12 sheets of poster board in both white and neon colors ($5.99).  I think the grids did help her to produce a neater project although at times she still became careless and stopped following the lines—probably more an indication of her typical lack of attention to detail than a reflection on the product!  We look forward to using this product line more in the future. This will be great for when I next need to write out words for our church’s children’s choir!














Carolina Pad is currently celebrating the 13th birthday of their Ghostline product line and is running a contest on their website to win $500 worth of Ghostline supplies. Thirteen classrooms will be awarded this prize, which ends on Nov. 30.

I received  free samples of Ghostline poster board and display boards for review purposes from Carolina Pad. I received no other compensation for this review.


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  1. this reminds me of the engineering quadrille pads i've used for years. the grids are light blue, and when you photocopy the paper they don't show up (although you can force them to show up by using a dark setting).


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