Sunday, April 20, 2014

No-sort Laundry Loads (Purex Giveaway)


Purex has just come out with a new product—No Sort Detergent, with anti-color transfer technology. According to the claims, loads of mixed colors can be washed together with less chance of color transfer.

My first thought was that this would be GREAT for college guys—the stereotypical “throw everything in the wash together” population. But I can also see how Purex No Sort could be helpful for anyone—for those times when you just want to wash a few things, or to prevent damage when a dark or white item accidentally gets mixed into the wrong load.

I was eager to test it out and had an opportunity when Emily wanted her tie-dyed shirt and her jeans washed for the next morning.  I washed this load of bright colors and included the dark blue jeans. I also threw in a white towel just to see if it would pick up any unwanted color.


I washed the load, then checked the towel. It was hard to see, but I think there was a tiny bit of blue discoloration on the towel from the jeans, but certainly not much. (The towel on the left was washed in this load and the towel on the right was not.) I am declaring the experiment a success—I think the Purex No-Sort Detergent did a good job.

Please visit the Purex facebook  page for more information and promotions for Purex products.


Would you like to try Purex No-Sort? The giveaway winner will receive coupons for 2 free bottles of detergent (total value $12).

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  1. This would be so handy to have.

  2. This would be great when for the days the boys (9 and 7) do their own laundry! Thanks for the chance.

  3. I love trying new products and this would be great.

  4. I'm skeptical -- I'd have to try it with my colored tablecloths -- they always, mess up anything else that gets in the wash with them! Even after years of washing them.
    prizewinner at hotmail (dot)com

  5. I would love to not sort laundry.

  6. I would love to try Purex No-Sort.

  7. I've used Purex detergent for many years. I'm excited to try the no sort variety.

  8. We use the Purex mountain breeze scented liquid detergent right now.

  9. Love Purex - this would save so much time!

    Rafflecopter: Aly Morell - amorellcont at gmail dot com

  10. i would love to try this product! i have heard so many good things about it.

  11. I would love to try this out, I would love to not sort my clothes.

  12. Looks like a GREAT product, Thank you for the chance!!


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